Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Look

In case you haven't noticed, my site has got a fresh look. Thanks must be given to my sister for her vision and insight to my taste. The bright colors make me feel more alert and aware of the creativity mounting in me. A good jumping off point for my last semester towards my MFA.

Additionally, changes to my website have help me reevaluate where I am currently with and in my writing. As my MFA winds down I've decided to focus mainly on those stories and revisions. But it also has allowed me to give more attention to my children's book project. I know, I have been talking about this project for way too long. However, to be fair it is something I want to do well and have great success so I do not want to rush it. I have given much thought to it since beginning many months ago. I think I've got a good angle to complete a new story line. Some of the story lines I started in the past never jumped off the page enough. To further help me build this new idea I've created brief character descriptions for Charlie's best friends Finley and Amaya. Hopefully, we can get their picture up to accompany these on my site.

I've got some more features I plan to implement on my site that will be up, with some luck, before the fall semester. Keep tuning in. As a last note, I decided to reclaim some of the time I devote to reading. In the past two months I have used that time ONLY to catch up on my New Yorkers (which I am still at least 5 issues behind). This has meant my books have been very neglected. However, no more. I am now dividing my time between my New Yorkers and Nadine Gordimer's The Late Bourgeois World. The book is very small, but when you fall off the path, all you need is a place to begin again.

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