Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It Continues...

If you took bets I called it quits after one week - pay up! Last Thursday was the most difficult to get through. I wrote the least amount of words (171), BUT I found something interesting, and important, out about one of my characters. This was huge because as much as I thought I knew what my novel was about I didn't know many specifics about my characters. Well now I know one of them has dropped out of college. That's potentially good stuff, right? Lots of examples to chase after and cause and effect scenarios to arise later.

I took a break from writing on the weekend. The sleep experiment made me more than moody by Friday and I already had a jam packed schedule ahead of me for the rest of the weekend.  Monday, I would have liked to sat down and added to the word count, but I took the day to recover from my weekend and pay special attention to my pup.  He is sick.  This morning, though, no excuse was acceptable and I was up and typing.  Another secret reason I avoided writing over the weekend and Monday - I didn't know what to write next.  This morning felt tough and each word and sentence was fragmented writing but I squeezed out 228 words.  I'm proud of that for now.  No onward with the day and the vet I go. 

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