Thursday, March 31, 2011

...And Then There Was ...

This is me the other day holding the world in my hand. Well, actually it's seven very small and different worlds I created. Yes, folks that is what a completed thesis stacks up to. Please disregard my appearance, I had little time for anything else at this point in the thesis process.

The first day post thesis I am feeling a little empty. There was no urgency to get out of bed and straight to the computer. I actually felt a little lost as I looked at my pup and asked "What are we going to do today?" Now I do confess I did have several things to accomplish today, but they weren't anything of great significance to me. It is slightly odd to have time to do things now guilt-free.

So what is my next plan of action you ask.

WELL, there is that children's book project I started oh just about a year ago. And there is a new children's book idea I dreamed up about two days ago. There is also about three books on my shelf I started and never finished. Also, there's that challenge to myself to write one if not two short shorts. I have one about half way written in my Google docs. And of course there is my goal to add more interesting writing blogs to my reader - I just need to find some I want to follow. I am open to suggestions. And finally there is that job searching thing I can pick up again.

So I have plenty to do and be done. But today I think I will just relax and go wherever my mood might take me. :)


  1. YAYAYAYAYAAYAY!!! I'm so happy for you Brit!! And quite selfishly, I am very excited to have you back into the social world!

  2. Congrats Big Sis!!! Now move home so you can hang out more with me and the girls!!!!

  3. Congrats, Brit! I am so proud! And envious.

  4. I love reading these! Congrats! Im so proud of you! And as Mrs. Tuckolski said, MOVE HOME! Ill help you job hunt here!