Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I received a "rejection" notice for the first fiction piece I ever sent out. Maybe because I was tired, I didn't have the energy to be upset. And yet, in the morning, maybe because I felt reset and neutral, a fabulous side affect of sleep for me, I didn't get upset then either. Then just a short half day later, I received another "rejection" notice, the last of the first batch of poetry I seriously sent out. It was mid-day at this point, around 2:30pm to be loosely exact,and I took a moment to reflect. The insight I ended my reflection with was that I was excited. Excited about rejection, what?! Yes, I am excited because my work is being read this holiday season. And I'm not worried that it may not be exactly what the editors want to unwrap this season, because I know it will be soon enough. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Side note: I'm glad I could spin these rejections for the positive because if not, the serious over-eating that would have been available to me would have just been silly.

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  1. Keep putting yourself out there, girl! You're going to stumble upon an editor who loves your style and who can't get enough of your wit :D